Wheee stress.

There’s been so much on my mind lately. I don’t even know where to start.

I’ve burnt out at work. I’m tired of it. Every day is a chore. I need to move on to something more. There’s no more growth opportunity here, and despite being manager for a year, the likelihood of getting a raise is slim to none. I’ve heavily considered a second job as a temporary financial fix, but I know that will make me feel worse.

So I’ve been job hunting. Constantly tweaking my resume and cover letters to fit where I’m applying to. That in and of itself is incredibly mentally draining. But a necessary evil if I want to move forward.

The shittiest part is knowing it’s going to be extremely hard to get away from customer service or food service. That’s my skill set. Despite being confident I can learn other jobs with ease.

My other dilemma is far more personal. I’m in a situation where I can either hurt someone to tell them what they need to hear, or spare their feelings and continue on like it’s nothing. The latter is so typically me that it’s extra difficult to figure out what I should do.

I can’t really get into details. I’m pretty sure this person is already aware of the issue so I’d be rubbing salt into the wound, but maybe they’re not, or are choosing to ignore it to not fall deeper. I’d be lying if I said I’ve never done that.

At the same time, my last relationship ultimately failed because we lacked necessary communication.

So, life, if you could stop stressing me out, that’d be great.

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I’m not the type of person that lets emotions flow freely. Especially negative emotions. I will let them build and I will suffer in silence. I let them grow until they break me. Sometimes it’s minor… an hour or two of pain, at most, until I’m able to bring it back in check. Sometimes it’s major… days where I feel terrible and cry and don’t want to go out and face reality. The former is more common. I’m not usually down and out for long.

I faced my weaknesses and reality last night. I broke. I’m not satisfied with where I am or with myself. I see what I need to do. I understand what I need to do. I know I am the only person in control of my life and reality. Yet I’ve become paralyzed with fear of leaving my comfort bubble. Fear of putting myself out there. Fear of change and unfamiliar surroundings.

But I want change. I’m just too scared to work for it. And that irrational paralyzing feeling had become so frustrating that I broke.

I need more. I have to do more.

This isn’t the life I want.

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Plans for the Future

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted something here. But once again watching Blizzcon has lit some sort of fire under my ass. I’m super sad that Jason and I were not able to go this year. There’s so many people and friends I would have loved to meet this year. Friends I’ve met before and friends I have yet to meet in person.

This Blizzard community is so insanely huge and lively and full of love for the same things.

I wasn’t able to go this year because I had quit my job at Panera in February. I didn’t find a job for six months after that. Money was just not something we had. We still haven’t paid off last year’s Blizzcon. I think even if we could have afforded it (had I not quit), I would’ve been in school.

I don’t want to miss this spectacular event again. The parties, the people, the games… to be able to experience it in person again… I want it all. As it stands right now, again, it may be that I’ll be in school when next November rolls around. Jason and I have been planning and saving as best we can for my school, my our future. We have plans and those plans hinge on my becoming a groomer.

If I continue working just one job (minimum wage at that… most of the time), we will most definitely not make it to the next Blizzcon. That’s not okay with me. Blizzard and the community is my extended family. I’ve been struggling with the idea of getting a second job, knowing full well that if I do my free time will all but disappear.

But missing this event a second year… no thanks. It’s gonna suck, but I’ll now be trying to get a second part time job. I’m beyond tired of just waiting to get my career started. I want to move forward.

I’m going to try my hardest to be at next year’s Blizzcon. Let’s do dis.

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Transmog: Druid of the Sunset

When I first set out to create this transmog, I had wanted to match the offset Tier 6 Rogue shoulders (Mantle of Darkness) for a dark and sinister look. I tried to build off the look I was going for with the color scheme of the shoulders, but nothing seemed to flow very well. As I was clicking through potential options in MogIt, I came across Robes of Summer Flame and very quickly shifted the look I wanted.

The look that followed became extremely bright and vivid. Much the opposite of what I had intended to start. I wanted to make sure I incorporated the blue tones at the bottom of the robes in some fashion, while complementing the red with a bold off-color.

It took me a while to figure out what this mog looked like, exactly. I didn’t want to call it “Druid of the Flame”, as there are other options that would fit the theme better. Pulling from the chest piece’s name however, I realized what I had created looked very much like a vivid summer sunset. With jeweled tones of red, gold and orange that fan out in full contrast against the azure and darkening midnight blue skies.

Thus: Druid of the Sunset.

DruidSunset3 DruidSunset2 DruidSunset4



How to get this mog!


It took me a little over a month to get this set together because a good portion of it comes from raid drops. As a Troll, Worgen, or Tauren you don’t need to concern yourself with the boots, either. The weapon option is still up for debate. I’d like to get my hands on Nibelung to see if it goes a bit better than what I currently have.

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Keeping the Passion Alive

…In World of Warcraft


1) I’m going to laugh at all the traffic this post title generates for people looking for relationship advice.


2) Lol. Now move along.


Not too long ago I was facing some serious burn-out with WoW. The kind that threatened to see my subscription cancelled for an indefinite amount of time. I was tired of raiding (more so with the raid tier) and tired of playing my Hunter. Maybe one day I’ll get into the specifics about what I don’t like about the class, but not today. I didn’t want to log in. Nothing sounded fun. Rep grinds, achievement hunting, pet battles, mount farming, farming in general, leveling or gearing alts… None of that interested me. I ended up logging in out of habit and spending most of my time afk in a city and mindlessly browsing the internet out of boredom. What was the point?


I decided to try an experiment that ended up rejuvenating my desire to play. I purchased a brand new account and didn’t attach it to my main battle.net account. I wanted to see what it was like starting completely new. Though I knew so much more about the game, I still had to build from nothing. I had no gold, I had no mounts, I had no battle pets, rep, heirlooms, nothing. All I wanted to do was play a Druid from scratch. I leveled professions as I leveled up to keep them current. I sold what I could on the AH so I could afford bags and mount training. I was actually able to enjoy getting gear upgrades from questing instead of just picking whatever sold for the most amount of gold.


I was having fun again. I wanted to log in to level this Druid. To get back the empire of achievements, mounts, pets, and titles that my main account has.


For $20, that was pretty good.


My current financial situation changed and I had to stop paying for that account’s subscription. I didn’t mind, however. I suddenly wanted to log in to my main account and play my alts. Besides, I now have a new project that I think is what I’ve been missing this whole time.


My Druid. No, not the level 60-something I just abandoned. Not the level 90 alliance one I have on my main server that I thought I could be happy playing. My real Druid. The one that’s been with me since mid-BC. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m just not happy if I’m not playing this specific character. We’ve been through so much. This is the Druid I truly learned to tank on. The Druid I learned how to hardcore raid with. The Druid that helped me create The Inconspicuous Bear. The Druid I have had the most fun with while playing this game. There are years of memories with this character that alts just can’t compete with.


I may joke that my second druid is tainted with caster gear, but it’s true. Ever since I discovered tanking and cat DPS, I have never wanted another piece of caster gear to seriously touch this Druid. I’ve held to that. Reesi will never be Resto or Moonkin, no matter the circumstances.


I overlooked this character for the entire expansion up until this point outside of leveling to 90 and getting some minor gear during T14. She was overlooked because I primarily play Alliance and she was faction changed to Horde in order to be with Drow. I really have nothing on Stormreaver, the server that Reesi is currently on. I just have her. I suppose that combined with my unfamiliarity with the faction deterred me from doing anything with her.


Even though Reesi is stuck Horde right now until I can afford the transfer and faction change costs, my passion to play her has been thoroughly renewed. I want to gear her up again, to tank again, to be a Druid again. There are so many things I want to do that I feel like should only be done on her. Reesi is my main. Despite everything that’s shared across accounts, she is my main. It makes no sense to me to farm things like reputation and vanity items on any other character when she is the one that has the most.


There’s so many things I want to do, now. Even though Warlords is a long ways away, I know that I’ll have time to complete things like Challenge Modes, Proving Grounds, get her legendary squared away, maybe get lucky and get an heirloom off Garrosh… There’s a lot left in Pandaria that I want to do. Just me and my Druid.


It’s not going to end there, either. I will no longer compromise my own integrity as a player and play a different class as my main. It was Druids that I fell in love with in Vanilla. I will always play a Druid no matter what happens because they make me happy. That’s all there is to it.

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Getting Back to Theorycrafting

It’s been over two years since my Druid was my main. Two years. That’s a long time and quite an easy way to forget a lot of its intricacies. I intend to come back in Warlords with the promise of resuming my post over at The Inconspicuous Bear.

And yet…

How can I presume to know anything about this class, this role, when I can’t even keep my Druid as a respectable Guardian Alt? Much less help people learn how to play one. If I was asked how to gear, I wouldn’t know what to say. If you asked me what to do in a CM or PG, I wouldn’t know what to do. If you asked me what to do for raid bosses, I wouldn’t know. I couldn’t tell you how to use your CDs, when to push AMs, which talents to take, what kind of tricks to use for pushing DPS… the list goes on.

Of course you all probably think I’m being silly. There’s a massive resource readily available at my finger tips maintained by my good friend. The resource that I started. Anything I want to know is on that website courtesy of Arielle and Buraan and many other hard-working Druids. I have but to read. So what’s the issue there?

The problem is, I’ve never been one to just learn by reading. Words don’t sink in that well. I learn by doing, by experiencing, by trial and error. I have an innate sense of feeling when I apply myself by doing. Doing that in a video game is no different for me. It’s part of the reason I’m very good at MMOs and can push past normal skill levels. It allows me to react accordingly to situations around me. There’s a certain pattern recognition that happens from playing a class for a long time as well as when I play with the same people for a long period.

I could tell you all about Hunters (please, spare me). How they play, how to play, what kind of tricksy shenanigans you can get away with, how to push your DPS a bit further, what kind of issues the class has, it’s strengths and weaknesses based on spec… I’ve been playing this class for over half the expansion now. I know Hunters. I just have no desire to theorycraft for them.

What I’m trying to get across is I can’t simply waltz back in and pretend to know what I’m saying with Guardians. It’s the experience that makes me an expert. Experience that I quite literally have none of. I’ve tanked here and there, sure, but if you ask me what a tank does on any fight I’m going to shrug. I play an easy ranged DPS. I don’t need to pay attention to many mechanics and to be honest, I really don’t. I’ll not pretend I tried very hard to keep my Druid up to date. Alts are not something I put very much effort into.

The question then becomes how I should go about gaining this experience. Play my Guardians obviously, but I truly hate throwing myself into a learning curve at the end of an expansion. I’m not much of a random-group player. I still get some form of anxiety when I tank for people I don’t know (crazy, right?). The thought of charging back into this type of thing is really daunting. I haven’t been in a theorycraft mindset in two years. Probably closer to three since I mostly DPS’d Dragon Soul.

This all feels so silly to be worrying about it.

Oh, and I will accept no imitations. The Reesi on Sargeras is my fake druid. As goofy as it sounds, what with characters being linked, my one and only tank is the Reesi stuck on Stormreaver. She needs to be a Night Elf again. I wasn’t going to do this originally, but I will not tank in Warlords on an alt Druid. It’s not the same.

Let’s see where this goes, eh?

P.S. Beta please.

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WoW: Reboot – Day 1

There’s something to be said about starting fresh. My first day playing my new account was pretty relaxing. I didn’t feel pressured to level as fast as possible and I was able to take my time. While I know I could choose to do the same with any of my other alts, even just having the option to make it easier on myself is something I’d take advantage of. Having no heirlooms or gold or pets means that I am not swiftly out-leveling a zone before being even half done with it. I’ve realized that when that happens, it greatly adds to the feeling of being rushed to gain as many levels as fast as possible.

I didn’t get to focus on Reesi for too long (Gym, dinner, and then raiding occupied most of my free time) and while it felt really weird to not ding level 10 really fast, it did feel good to run (okay… jump, because, well, Druid) around and enjoy the starting zone – which I am finishing off today – and to work on professions without fear of out leveling them.

I feel far more freedom to play how I want to.

At any rate, here are a few highlights from yesterday’s play:

My first achievement!

First Achieve


I kind of laughed about this one.

I used to jump down from the top of Aldrassil constantly without dying because I knew how.

They now have a slow-fall buff that will automatically give you this achievement.


Druids don’t believe in shoes.

After all this time, you’d think that’d change…    Shoes

I guess not.

I can’t actually afford much of anything!

Broke, yo!    Still, the money gain for early levels is much better than what it used to be. I was able to purchase my Primary and every Secondary profession without issue. It was training the racial pet and pet battle training (after selling off some stuff in my inventory!) that finally broke me. Eep!

I’d be in serious trouble if I still had to purchase my new spells.

Speaking of professions…

I must obey the Yellow Dot. If I sees it, I gather it. You know exactly what I’m referring to. The Yellow Dot rules all. This lead to all sorts of time-consuming game play and not a lot of questing… Just wait until my Trial Account gets cleared and I can start pet battling. I might never level.

Whee! Kitty Form!

Cat form

Oh, how I missed the sleek, purple cat form.

Worgen forms are all well and good, but nothing beats the original!

Please note that I *still* do not have boots equipped…

I must have missed something somewhere.

And seriously. I should be able to fish in Bear Form.

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WoW: Reboot

A little while back, I mused about what it’d be like to completely restart Warcraft. That is, a brand new account with absolutely nothing on it. After a lot of thought I decided to go through with it. Warcraft has become pretty stale for me and while this may be a last-ditch attempt to continue to enjoy the game I’ve come to love, I intend to make the best out of it.

Of course, there’s really no other class, race, or name I’d choose to do this on, so say hello to Reesi:


Yep. I went back to my roots (though technically my roots were a Night Elf Priest and an Orc Warrior…) and recreated the original Reesi. As I said, it’s really not something that was up for debate. Druids are MY class and always will be. If I’m going to do this, I’m going to do it right.

I’m sure  you’re all wondering what the point of even doing this is. Well? As I said before, I’m attempting to breathe life into the game again (for me). It’s difficult for me to do so when I pretty much have everything. I have all the heirlooms, I have a bunch of gold I don’t need, I have tons of mounts, pets, achievements, titles, reputation… With all of my characters being linked, there’s very little value in doing, or getting, something that I’ve done previously on my main account.

While I realize I still have plenty of achievements to work for on that account, it’s really just not something I’m interested in doing.

I have nothing on this account. I want to earn as much as I can. I don’t want my leveling to be trivialized by the fact that I don’t need to work for anything. I’m going to take my time, level as fast or as slow as I want. Smell the roses, as it were.

This is either going to be really fun or not at all. And no, you can’t have my Real ID or know what server I’m on. This is going to be as “uncorrupted” by my other account as possible.

Time for an Adventure in Azeroth. =)

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A Hunter’s Guide to Soloing Timeless Isle

After seeing numerous threads regarding pet threat and survivability regarding the Timeless Isle elites, I have decided to write a guide that will hopefully help many hunters out.  Fear not, it is still entirely possible to solo everything on the Isle. (Disclaimer, I am not speaking of Rares, though most can be dealt with in the same way.)

Keep in mind, the Timeless Isle Elites are meant to be a group endeavor; the Daily Quest even suggests getting a group together to complete it.  The Elites are not meant to be easy and are meant to force you to think about how you go up against them.  Luckily, Hunters can always rise to the challenge of soloing difficult content, and despite “growl not working”, Hunters can still cheese quite a few of the mechanics when played properly.

Note for PvP servers – I understand the need to keep yourself battle ready with pvp and that you may feel that this is impossible to do while keeping pvp talents and glyphs active.  That said, if you really want to get some farming done by yourself, I really do recommend having a Bnet friend CRZ you to a PvE realm for an easier time.


Mandatory Talents and Glyphs

There are a few key talents and glyphs you must take if you want to be successful.  This isn’t your every day kill-and-grind area, and if you’re not careful you and your pet will die.

  • Spirit Bond – 3% Health every 2 seconds is good.  The other two options just aren’t as good as this one is for soloing.  It’s a constant stream of healing, and you shouldn’t ever be in a position where Spirit Bond isn’t enough to keep you alive.  It’s also another source of pet healing.


  • Intimidation – While certainly not mandatory, having an extra CC ability will help spare your pet some damage and allow you to heal it back up a little.


  • Glyph of Animal Bond – This glyph increases the healing done by Spirit Bond and by Mend Pet.  Aside from it being mandatory in PvE, it’s also mandatory for soloing.  You want to keep your pet alive.  Every little bit helps.


  • Glyph of Mending – Baseline mend pet is 25% of your pet’s health over 10 seconds.  With the glyph, the heal amount stays the same, however it ticks twice as often, meaning it will total 50% of your pet’s health in 10 seconds.  There are some abilities that will ruin your pet, and this glyph helps a lot with healing it back up.


  • Glyph of Misdirection – Allows you to fire off Misdirect at any time.  Most of the Elite mobs are immune to Growl, and even manually clicking it will not affect them, though Growl will go on CD.  It is essential to keeping the Elites on your pet and away from you.



Soloing Timeless Isle can be done as any spec.  If you’re more comfortable playing Marks, then play Marks.  If you’re more comfortable playing Survival, then play Survival.  If you’re a die-hard BM fan, then roll as that.  That said, I feel that BM is much more suited to soloing content.

Why do I think BM is better?

The damage spread is split between you and your pet.  What this means is that you can neglect Misdirect longer since your pet is pumping out more damage than it would as Survival or Marks.  In addition any burst you may have comes from both you and your pet through Bestial Wrath.  If you neglect Misdirect as Survival or Marks, your burst is centralized around you and makes it that much easier to pull threat and get yourself into trouble.

Let me reiterate that last part:  If you do not use Misdirect nearly on cooldown (as in, every 5-6 seconds) as Survival or Marksman, you will pull threat again and again.  All of the damage and burst you are doing is centralized around you, not your pet.  You may be more comfortable with either of those two specs, fine, but be aware you will have to give that Misdirect keybind constant attention.  Misdirect is not guaranteed threat.  It is only 4 seconds of your own threat that goes away after 30 seconds.  You can very easily surpass this amount of threat within that 30 second time frame because your pet is doing far less damage than you are.

Talenting Blink Strikes instead of Murder of Crows can help alleviate this to some degree but it’s not going to solve the issue.


Pet Choices

You can choose any pet you like.  Really.  I’ve been killing these Elites with my Serpent because I hate slow Cobra Shots.  Whatever pet you choose, you will likely want to default the spec to Tenacity to ensure better survival and better Mend Pet/Spirit Bond healing.  However, with the Avoidance passive you can get away with your pet being Ferocity for a good chunk of the mobs.  I will say though, 99% of the time you should just run with Tenacity.  Better safe than sorry.

If, for some reason, you are having a difficult time keeping your pet alive, then I suggest using a Turtle or a Beetle pet for their 1min CD shield wall.  The Elites will take long enough to kill that this ability will be up enough to get some use out of it.  No pet will have more threat than another, however.



Because you are soloing challenging content – and by challenging, I mean content that is meant to be done with a group – you will need to change how you push your buttons.  You can’t go through your normal, mindless rotation and expect to be successful.  It’s just not going to work.  Your damage output is going to be secondary to your pet’s survival and threat.

    • Mend pet up.  Always.  Even before you pull.  If you’re having trouble remembering to keep it active, then make some sort of notification for it via Weak Auras, Tell Me When, or whatever kind of buff tracker you use.  However you do it, you need to be using Mend Pet constantly.


    • Misdirect before the pull.  Misdirect during the pull.  Misdirect, Misdirect, Misdirect.  Make a Macro for it, spam it often.  MD does not incur a GCD; you can use it at any time unless you’re using Cobra/Steady shot.  If you’re about to burst from LnL procs or get an Instant Aimed + Chimera shot, make sure MD is up because those combos will cause a threat pull.  Remember, your pet is trying to hold threat off you without a threat modifier.  It’s exactly like a tank forgetting the right stance/presence or righteous fury.  Just not going to happen without constant use of Misdirection.


    • Use CC abilities.  Use your interrupt.  A lot of the spells on the island do a ton of damage and our pets do not benefit from the buffs scattered around the island that are meant to mitigate them.  The more you interrupt, the better.  Use Scatter Shot to temporarily disable a mob’s cast in order to get a few more ticks of Mend Pet in.  Spec into Intimidation if you need to.  The stun duration may be short, but it works on almost everything and it’s worth it for Mend Pet.  The exceptions to Intimidation are High Priest of Ordos, Crimsonscale Firestorm, Eroded Cliffdweller, Molten Guardian and Elder Great Turtle.


  • Keybind your Pet’s survival CDs.  You can do this two ways, one is to create macros for them.  The other is to go into your keybinds and change your Pet Action Buttons.  The first is more reliable because you can only have so many spells on your pet’s action bar and because you can guarantee that the abilities won’t change randomly around on your pet’s bars as they can sometimes do.  But, either way you like, Cower, Last Stand, and Shell Shield or Harden Carapace(if you have a turtle or beetle) really should be keybound.  Using pet CDs preemptively can save your ass.  If you keep them on auto cast, fine, but be aware that sometimes it will be too late since they only fire off if your pet gets dangerously low.  And, Last Stand isn’t auto cast at all.


Specific Mob Strategies

Below is a list of the specific mobs your pet cannot growl and how to deal with their mechanics.

Eroded Cliffdweller – While your pet will get hit by the stun, it will hardly do any damage.  The danger this mob presents comes from his Boulder ability.  Either keep moving, or strafe 8-10 yards away at the end of the cast in order to avoid it.  Getting hit by this repeatedly is a surefire way to get yourself killed.  The enrage is not dangerous to your pet.

Death Adder – These mobs do not melee.  They only cast one thing: Huge Fang.  This ability will drop your pet by 25% health every time.  It can be dodged and it is affected by damage reduction CDs.  Stun or Scatter Shot during a cast of Huge Fang if your pet gets low and you need more time for Mend Pet to tick.

Elder Great Turtle – These will randomly turn and cast Geyser at you.  If you are far enough away it will not be an issue as you will not get hit.  The same goes for their Shell Spin.  Your pet shouldn’t take too much damage from these.  Snapping Bite isn’t too much of a problem; keep Mend Pet active.

Damp Shambler – Their only dangerous ability is the Murky Cloud ability they place around them.  This is a complete non-issue to pets.  What you want to watch out for is their Renewing Mists cast so you can interrupt it.  If Renewing Mists gets off, then use Tranquilizing Shot to get the buff off.

Southsea Plunderer/Cursed Hozen Swabby – I have no idea why these are growl-immune.  They do nothing special; just kill ’em.

Primal Stalker – These cats don’t ignore threat if your pet has it.  They will Pounce at random to anyone at ranged and the same goes for the lesser version of Crag Stalkers.  You can strafe out of the way to avoid it, take the stun (as it does no damage), or sit in melee range behind the cat (to avoid its cleave).  Greater Swipe can potentially be a problem, so keep Mend Pet active and interrupt the cast when you want to via Scatter and Intimidation.

Crimsonscale Firestorm – These guys have a ton of health.  Luckily, our pets don’t take much damage from their Fire Blossom or Flame Breath.  You, on the other hand, need to move out of both of those when necessary.  Quite honestly, because they have so much health it’s not worth it to solo them unless you’re looking for the Quivering Firestorm Egg they drop (gives Cloud Serpent rep).

Molten Guardian – Your pet avoids all damage from these guys.  However, you need to be aware of the ground effect and move out of it from time to time.  There are a few far-reaching ones that can catch you if you’re not paying attention.

Eternal Kilnmaster – Never pull these without Misdirect up.  They will charge you if you’re at ranged and deal a massive amount of damage to you or your pet.  A couple ways to deal with this is to manually send your pet in to attack it instead of attacking first yourself or using Cower as you pull.  This is the only dangerous part to these guys.  If you standing in the right spot – as in behind them – you will not get hit by their Blazing Blow.  The Eternal Kiln they summon is a non-issue as well.  Pets take almost no damage from Blazing Blow.

Blazebound Chanter – These are truly dangerous.  The only thing more dangerous are the High Priests.  Their Greater Pyroblast does a lot of damage, they cast while they move, and they summon Flamecore Golems which can basically 1-shot your pet if you’re not prepared.  Oh, did I mention they also heal themselves?  They also cast Cauterize.  You do not need to worry about the Firestorm damage, however.  It can be easily out ranged and does not hurt your pet.

So, how to deal with these?  Well, interrupt, for one thing.  Scatter Shot for another, and yep, you guessed it, Intimidation.  When the Flamecore spawns, you need to make sure you do not have Misdirect up.  You need to grab threat on it immediately, so be very ready to switch targets and use Arcane Shot to tag it.  If you’re successful, you only have to move occasionally to keep from being hit by them.  Quite honestly, I haven’t attempted to use Cower as it spawns, so I don’t know if that will buy time to grab threat.  A target macro only works for the first one; a second will be summoned while the first is still up and you will end up hitting the one already on you instead of the one you want to tag.  Try to prioritize your Interrupt for Cauterize once they get low on health.

High Priest of Ordos – I have only killed one of these solo.  These kinda of suck.  Okay, they really suck.  My pet ended up dying 3-4 times and I ended up just kiting with a dead pet from 10% on.  Any rate, these have the combined abilities of the Eternal Kilnmasters and the Blazebound Chanters.  That means, Blazing Blows, Firestorms, Golems, Eternal Kilns, Pyroblasts and Cauterizes.  Yikes.  These require a lot of room to deal with since you’ll be kiting a lot.  The Eternal Kilns are potentially problematic when combined with Pyroblasts, however I found that these were not cast if the pet was in range to be hit by Raging Blow.  The Kilns can create a targeting issue with the Flamecores, however, so be aware of that.  If all goes well and you’re able to keep you and your pet alive, congrats.  If not, then ignore these guys even exist unless you’re in a group.

If your pet ever dies while soloing, then concussive shot, disengage away, cast Deterrence and use Revive Pet.  This will work most of the time.  In the case of the Kilnmasters, Deterrence will NOT stop the Blazing Blow damage and you can easily die to that while reviving your pet.  Once your pet is up, fire off an MD and then Feign Death.  Take your finger off your right mouse button; if you even so much as twitch with that key held down your MD won’t register.  Same goes for any other turning keys you may use.  Or, if you just want a mulligan, FD and start over.


To recap: Misdirect up forever and always.  Mend Pet up forever and always.  Use your CC abilities to buy time to heal your pet.  Avoid what little mechanics you have to avoid, and then just pewpew to your heart’s content.

Good luck, and Happy Hunting!

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I had a bit of a revelation at work about a week ago.  I was working in the back of house right next to my boss. That would freak out a huge portion of my fellow employees, but I wasn’t at all bothered by it.  One, he’s really not as intimidating as people think he is; and two, I realized I possessed a good amount of confidence about my work ethic.  I had no reason to think he would correct or scold something I was doing, so what did I do?  I fired shots at him, instead.  Jokingly, of course.

I mean, this man runs the 6th busiest corporate owned store in the US.  He’s not exactly a pushover.  At first I thought it was that I was comfortable in my surroundings, which if you’ve had occasion to meet me you’d notice I’m kind of shy and awkward until I’m comfortable, but after a time I discovered that it wasn’t comfort that had me at ease.  It was my own confidence.

That felt very new to me.  As much as I have occasion to hate my job, it has become an atmosphere that has allowed me to grow as a person that I believe I previously didn’t have access to before.  I work closely with upwards of 40 people on a weekly basis.  We all (mostly) know each other and I feel like I’ve become someone they respect an listen to.

Trust me when I say that’s odd.

As I detailed in a previous post, I’ve come to terms with my own dorkitude and use it to my advantage.  I see now that coming to terms with myself has led to an interesting amount of confidence I never thought I had before.

D’aww, lil’ Reesi is growin’ up. Yeah, yeah.  Shut up. :)

This confidence has spilled over into my online life as well.  I wasn’t always confident about my game play.  I’m sometimes still not confident about it because I know there are ways I can improve.  However, I think since joining CFT and growing with the amazing group we have now, my need to “prove myself” has lessened.  As a female gamer, I feel I sometimes have to work harder to show that I’m someone that’s good at this game.  I don’t really feel that as much anymore. As an interesting note, I always felt like I had something to prove in Drow, despite becoming their MT for 2 years and being an officer.  Every new raider that came in I felt I had to prove I wasn’t just a pair of boobs that weaseled her way into being an officer and didn’t suck as a tank.  And while I loved that guild, in retrospect it kind of sucked.  I really had no reason to feel that way, but in the back of my mind I did.

I don’t care that my progression isn’t 13/13h at the end of this tier, either.  That used to matter to me.  It used to mean that I knew what I was doing and talking about.  It used to mean I had the authority to back up what I said.  Now, though, I fully know my worth as a player.  I’m confident in my ability to perform well under most circumstances and confident in my ability to share knowledge with the community.

Between my real life and my online life, I have become a little ball of confidence ready to take on almost anything.  Short of like… zombies, or something.  I’d be reduced to a quivering mass of fear at that point.  This will only have positive impacts on everything I do.  I mean, I applied for a job at WoW Insider, for heaven’s sake.  Putting yourself out there for a huge audience to critique your every word is huge for me.  I’m not one for the spotlight like that and it still kind of freaks me out.  Even though I only just recently started playing my hunter, with the help of Arielle I was able to shut down my fears and finish the application.  If I don’t get the job, oh well.  I put in the effort and doing so felt great.  It’s not as though I’m going to stop doing what I enjoy.

In real life, I know that confidence will show when I wish to pursue other careers.  I had a job interview a few months back that I absolutely nailed because of this confidence, though I ended up turning it down for various reasons.

Guys, be scared.  I know what I’m capable of.  There’s no limit, now.  :)

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